The online configurator is the “heart” of Werkbad.

It plans all furniture details

Planning in configurator

Planning in configurator

The configurator is a CAD/CAM based software. It allows for planning of all the details of the furniture such as  dimensions (based on article number of washbasin), specification of drawers, choice of handles, material and colour.

The furniture is drawn in 3D and the price quote is calculated in real-time.





and connects planning with production directly

online furniture visualisationThe program then transforms the drawing into a technical design and generates CAM data for production.

Our configurator is not just a simple drawing program, but it manages the production process, creates bill of materials and many more. Design, visualisation, price offer, production … up to delivery are a seamless process.

It results in shorter production time, simplified planning, minimised errors. It helps to master the enormous amount of surfaces and types of Werkbad furniture.


This is the only way how to create genuine unique pieces. Werkbad has never produced an identical furniture twice, yet.