At planning stage

When the furniture will be installed in niches (or if the outer dimensions are accurately determined by the millimetre): the exact size is best determined at the end of the project, that is, when tiles are laid and the exact dimensions are fixed.


It is recommended to take photos of water/electric cables during the building. This minimises mounting problems.

We always recommend the installation of a space saving siphon (furniture siphon). Of course, drawers can also be adapted to standard siphons, but there is considerably less space in the furniture.



See comments on colours/materials regarding scratch resistance.

Ceramic washbasins are not pure white but greyish. The washbasin appears dirty grey on a pure white standard furniture. We recommend choosing a white with light colour nuance for the furniture, e.g. magnolia, alabaster or champagne.


After sale service

Individual fronts/doors of Werkbad furniture can be exchanged easily. Only standard price as for the original furniture is charged for this service. Even after a long time you can order more furniture pieces in the same design, e.g. furniture door to hide a washing machine behind.

The same lacquer surfaces can be ordered also after many years.

Most of the foils are in the assortment for many years.

Subsequent purchase of identical real wood veneers can be difficult, since individual batches can differ in colour and texture.