Bathroom furniture

Werkbad bathroom furniture is made-to-measure … by millimeter. Here is a selection of basic types, that can be adjusted in terms of size, material, colour and with various handle options.


Washbasin cabinet

▪For wall-mounted washbasins with one or more drawers, or with pivoting doors.

▪The washbasin is mounted according to the manufacturer’s specification. The fitting furniture is mounted underneath. We need to know the article number of washbasin and other specifications from producer. Based on this information the Werkbad on-line configurator creates exactly matching bathroom furniture.

▪Optional cut-out for siphon in the drawer.





Furniture with desk

▪ For surface-mounted, built-in or under-counter washbasins (on, in or under a plate).
▪ The dimension of the furniture largely depends on the room conditions, not so much on the size of the washbasin.

▪ The desk is configured and cut independently of the furniture. Information regarding the article number of washbasin is necessary for the cutout in the desk. Also for precise matching of width/depth of the furniture.
▪ For desks, it is often recommended not to use the same material as for the furniture.

▪ Many washbasin desks are more insensitive to scratching than the normal furniture surfaces.

High cabinet

▪ High cabinets provide additional storage space and allow convenient access to items.

▪ Height is flexible from 600mm up to 1700mm. Preferably, high cabinets should be wall-mounted to assure easy cleaning of the floor.

▪ With up to 6 drawers or shelves.

▪ Also with in-build laundry hamper.






Complementary furniture

▪ Simple shelves, mirror cabinets and many more. The entire bathroom can be given a coherently designed look.