Handles and furniture feet

Werkbad offers a wide range of handles and furniture feet.
Standard handles are screwed on the front doors and can be used for all materials/furniture types.
Suitability of milled handles depends also on the material chosen – not all material can be milled.

A large proportion of Werkbad furniture is produced entirely without handle, but with “tip-on” mechanic. Tip-on furniture are practical and beautiful surface materials and proportions become more accentuated.

Werkbad is using a high quality tip-on mechanism: a soft opens the drawer … independently of weight or size. Also, the tip-on surface (= where opening mechanics is triggered) is very large. Even large drawers can be easily opened by pushing anywhere on the front area.


Click below for an overview of available handle options:

Please note: some of the handles are available in specified sizes, only. And some other handles are adjustable by millimeter.

Griffe Füsse Halterungen 12 2016 application-pdf | 1 MB