Werkbad furniture is produced from various materials such as real wood veneer, lacquer, acrylic, melamine, HPL (high-pressure laminate) and design foils.

A small overview of the material characteristics can be found in the article Individual design.

Usually, the material is defined first, then color combinations.


Real wood veneer

Veneer surfaces of Werkbad furniture are additionally treated with varnish.

Nevertheless, they need some care. Water splashes should always be wiped dry. Aggressive cleaning agents, nail polish remover, etc. can damage the surface.

We do not produce furniture in massive wood. Wood deforms when exposed to moisture (with few exceptions). Wood veneers offer the same surface structure but are much more form stable and less expensive.



Lacquer is very suitable surface protection for bathroom furniture as all wooden parts are completely sealed. Unfortunately, varnish can scratch, which limits its suitability as a desk.

Any colour is possible, except metal effects. Simply specify the colour coding in NCS or RAL when ordering.

PlanBath furniture can be lacquered in high-gloss, matt or ever-matt. “Ever-matt” is a very matte, velvety surface that feels very pleasant and the fingerprints are hardly visible on it.

Note: varnish has about 2 weeks longer delivery times, as the colours have to dry up completely.


Design foil

Foils are surface films that are implemented on chipboard with high temperature.

Modern designer foils have imprinted 3D surfaces and imitate the look of real wood veneer very realistically.

Foil covered desks are less expensive than veneer or lacquer, but relatively scratch resistant. Also they protect the material against water.

Nice design effects can be created with foils in uni-colour (white/beige/champagne or kashmir) but with embossed wooden structure. They give the impression of a lacquered wood and the surface becomes visually more interesting.

We have >50 different designs on stock, in uni colours (glossy, matt or supermatt) or with wood decors.


Laminated desks

Laminated desks  are quite scratch-proof, comparably water resistant and inexpensive.

Edges are made of 2.5mm ABS and glued by polyurethane technology to assure optimal protection against scratches and humidity.

Werkbad is using laminated desks for corpus, shelves and doors. It is visually interesting using a multi-coloured decor (i.e.  various beige or grey nuances) and combining with front material from the same colour range.

Quality desks come with embossed surfaces and very realistic decor pattern.

Werkbad has 37 laminated decors to chose from.


Top-Desks (HPL)

Desks from HPL (High Pressure Laminate) are very scratch resistant, easy to clean and can even withstand many chemical substances like acid.
Therefore HPL material is used as desktops in bathrooms or kitchen.

There are vast differences in quality of HPL desks. It is hard to distinguish visually a quality HPL desk from natural stone or wood. And HPL has better price and better durability.

Werkbad is using only top quality from Austrian producers, mostly with imprinted multi-layer surfaces for better look and feel.

The decors are very large. The detail pattern is not repeated even at desks of several meters length.


Stone desks

Naturals stone is a waterproof and scratch proof material for top desks. Important: chemical substances like nail polish remover or hair colouring agents can affect the shine/appearance of the surface.

Werkbad uses marble (Greece, Italy), Granite (Zimbabwe, Indonesia), Quarzite (Norway) and artificial stone for very white desks.  Marble has a silky smooth surface. Granite is harder and touch and feel is “cooler” vs. marble. It can have a very polished finish.

Werkbad supplies a huge variety of stone desks incl. Onyx, petrified wood, Travertin etc.

Surface finish can be polished, sanded or with rough natural like touch.

Stone desks are nature products and unique. Colour changes or variations of decor are driven inherent to this material. On request we can send you a picture of “your” desk prior to delivery.


Our distribution partner have original surface samples to show. On request, they can provide you with a sample.